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The CUOA Business School and Ca’ Foscari Challenge School‘s International Master in Business Administration is a course in general management that allows you to gain insight into all business functions and acquire the skills necessary to operate in international and multicultural environments.

You will learn how to strategically manage the new internationalisation processes by fully exploiting the potential of digital technologies and placing yourself in a constant perspective of responsibility and sustainable development.

From June 2022 to June 2023, you will develop your managerial and entrepreneurial skills thanks to an innovative curriculum bringing together for the first time CUOA Business School, always alongside entrepreneurs and companies, and the International Faculty of Ca’ Foscari Challenge School.


The International MBA program aims to:

  • Develop a solid business culture in order to be prepared to effectively face the main challenges of the current global competition
  • Acquire knowledge and practical tools applicable to organizational processes
  • Enrich participants’ mindset thanks to a constant exchange of views with managers and professionals who operate in international environments
  • Acquire the ability to understand the evolution of the global economic context and to seize the opportunities of new emerging markets
  • Learn to effectively interact with colleagues with different cultural values and behavior patterns
  • Strengthen transversal skills to improve effectiveness at work and to climb of the career ladder pursuant a constant search for a positive impact on business, societies and environment

Core courses aimed at conveying an integrated vision of business processes. The following didactic modules – designed and structured with a constant orientation towards internationalization, sustainable develpment and digitalization – are included:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing
  • People and Organization Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • International Management
  • Product & Process Innovation
  • ICT Management
  • Responsible Management

The approach and tools used in the International MBA are a consistent mix of teaching methods: classroom activities, study of business cases, exercises, company visits, business games, project works, workshops and seminars with managers and entrepreneurs.
qualified and diversified faculty, grown at an international level, and the diversity of the participants themselves, XXXCUOASELECTXXXed with different educational and professional backgrounds, enable a rich comparison and exchange of experiences, and represent additional learning values.

An online educational platform, facilitating the use of study materials, is available to students throughout the program.

The results obtained in terms of knowledge and skills are highlighted through qualitative and quantitative methodologies, which can range from the analysis of business cases and direct experiences in the company to individual tests or group projects.

The International MBA represents an important investment in career development: it provides participants with solid relational skills and managerial competences and enables the acquisition of an integrated vision of the business system.

Furthermore, it strengthens business abilities allowing participants to effectively communicate with all the functional areas in the organizations, enhancing the possibility to aspire to professional roles of greater responsibility.

The International MBA consists of 12 months of concrete experience, from February to December 2019.

The attendance is in a full time formula and it is structured as follows:

– 500 hours of in-class activities: Monday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm;

Dedicated workshops and cross-learning sessions could be scheduled on Fridays.

– 1 residential week abroad;

– 3-day experiential activity:  Innovation & Creativity Lab;

– 3 months of final project: Final Challenge.

The commitment of participants in offline mode, for completing assignments and for individual study, is also foreseen.

Attendance is mandatory: the maximum absence allowance is 15% of the structured teaching activities.

The tuition fee is € 25,000.00. 

CUOA Business School and Ca’ Foscari Challenge School provide opportunities of reductions, for one of the following non-cumulative categories:


– Member of CUOA Business School (20%)

– Partner of CUOA Business School (10%)

– Promotion Be Many (5%, in the case of multiple enrolments in the edition, from the same organization)

– Students and Alumni of Ca’ Foscari Challenge School and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (20%)

– Teaching and administrative staff of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (20%)

– Early bird (25%).

For scholarships on the full tuition fee made available by CUOA Business School and Ca’ Foscari Challenge School please visit – Full-Time International MBA, or write to

Ca’ Foscari Challenge School is the Executive Education School of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice which is aimed at recent graduates, professionals, businesses and public administrations, offering specific and professional knowledge.

Through an innovative teaching methodology, carried out by the University Faculty and activating the most vital and authentic entrepreneurial and professional relationships in the area, Ca’ Foscari Challenge School designs and develops future scenarios thanks to a valuable training experience responding to people’s needs and providing the skills that the job market requires today. 

CUOA is one of the most important leading business school and one of the most active post-university hub in Italy. For sixty years CUOA has being the reference point for the development and promotion of managerial and entrepreneurial skills specifically focused towards managers, professionals and young graduates. The business Schools offers activities and training courses that meet the new professional challenges and promote the development of new business models. Through its active JobCareer Center, CUOA starts also up several initiatives to create better career opportunities for its Alumni. 

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